Why micro-services from scratch, JHipster is the solution for generate, develop and deploy

Why micro-services from scratch, JHipster is the solution for generate, develop and deploy

Yes, I know most of you reading my article is software developers who are using Spring Boot, micro-services architecture for your day to day development. But this is the time to change from developing from the scratch. Java Hipster (JHipster) helps you to generate, develop and deploy your Spring Boot + Angular web applications and micro-services with few simple commands. Using JHipster will reduce your development hours and not only the generating micro-services but with using JDL Studio you can define data models and generate the CRUD operations for defined Data Models.

You can install JHipster and use it within few minutes. They provide 5 ways of working with JHipste,

  • JHipster Online is a simple way to generate an application without installing JHipster in the first place.

  • “Local installation with Yarn” is the classical way of working with JHipster. Everything is installed on your machine, which can be a little complex to set up, but that’s how most people usually work. In case of doubt, choose this installation.

  • “Local installation with NPM” is the same as classical “local installation with Yarn”, but using NPM instead of Yarn

  • The Vagrant-based “development box”, with all tools already set up in a Ubuntu-based virtual machine.

  • The “Docker” container, which brings you a lightweight container with JHipster installed.

I’m discussing with you, installing JHipster with NPM. follow the instructions to install, as pre-requested technologies you should have Java, Node JS and NPM on your machine.

  • Install Java 8 from the Oracle website.

  • Install Node.js from the Node.js website (prefer an LTS version)

  • Install NPM: npm install -g npm

Now you can Install JHipster with using NPM as well as for using JHipster commands you want to install yeoman and follow two of following instructions,

  • To install Yeoman, type:
$ npm install -g yo
  • To install JHipster, type:
$ npm install -g generator-jhipster

Now you can enjoy JHipster from developing your web applications and micro-services APIs